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    It seems crazy. Ten years ago Clint and I had just gotten married, and we were so young and carefree. It was just the two of us and life was pretty easy. The house stayed (reasonably) clean, we went out when we wanted, and traveled to some pretty incredible places. We didn't have a whole lot of responsibility, pretty much just to ourselves.

    Fast forward to 2014 and we now have three miniature versions of ourselves, two girls and a boy in the middle. Hayley is six and is as spunky and prissy as can be. Colin is almost five and is the nuttiest little thing imaginable, but oh so sweet. And Sydney, our littlest, thinks she's six and is already the comedian in the family. Despite our kiddos being so little, they not only now outnumber us, but they have managed to turn our world upside down. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love 'em to pieces!

    The blog is filled with the weekly happenings within the Stuckey family, some funny, some touching, and some a little zany and crazy. Life is definitely better with kids in it! We love ours to pieces. Images + Words = Memories.


Brunch with Tara and Cheryl

On New Year’s Eve I had lunch with my childhood best friend, Tara Bench.  I look at Sydney, who’s five, and think about how silly and goofy she is.  Well, that is the same age that Tara and I were when we lived in Saudi Arabia and played dress-up, hide and go seek, house, and did all sorts of other cute and silly things!  We met up again at BYU and were in the same dorm together.  We met Cheryl who now lives in Houston.  And Tara’s brother Landon also lives in Houston.  I guess Houston is the place to be!

Tara was down visiting for Christmas, so we decided it would be fun to meet up for brunch.  Cheryl was free too, so we all met at Le Peep for brunch.  It was SO much fun seeing them both!  I cannot believe how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. I’m still that silly and goofy, and somewhat insecure, person I was in college, but I’m 20 years older. I sure hope I do not look 20 years older.  In college I remember thinking that 26 was so old.  I once had a guy ask me on a date who was 30!!!  No way!!  I remember thinking 30 was practically old man material.  How could I even relate to him??  And now I’m ten years older than that (okay, well 9.9 when the photo was taken).  But, it was so much fun to reconnect.  I felt like we could have been back Provo having lunch right around the corner from the dorms.

Brunch w Tara Dec 2016

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Christmas Afternoon 2016

Christmas Day was on a Sunday this year and I kind of love it that way.  I love taking a break from all the presents, getting dressed up, and then going to church to celebrate the very reason we go to church.  Sadly, Clint was feeling absolutely horrible on Christmas, Sydney was being a little stink, Keaton needed a nap, so it was just Hayley, Colin, and me that day.  But we belted out those Christmas hymns as if we were all there.

When we got back home Mimi and Papa came over and brought a third round of presents. Yes, the picture below is the third round of presents. Hayley got another American Girl doll, Sydney got another Wellie Wisher doll, Colin got some really cool STEM activities, and Keaton got some neat Mickey Mouse toys.  The kids also opened presents from their other grandparents and played and played all day long.  I surprised Clint with a pistol safe and he surprised me with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera.  Holy moly!!!  Sadly, I made him take my camera back.  It is an AMAZING camera, but after sending my camera in for repair, my camera works just fine now.  Maybe next year or the year after that. 😉  We relaxed for the rest of the day and just enjoyed the blessing of having each other, which is the best gift of all!!  XOXO

Christmas Afternoon Dec 2016

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Christmas Morning 2016

Christmas morning was pretty incredible!!  I tell myself every year that I’m going to go easy on the presents, but I keep finding things I know my kids will love!  And part of me wants to relive my childhood through them.  If I’m going to like it, I know they are going to love it! 😉  Santa was also way too generous this year, but it was worth it!!  Hayley more than anything wanted a ride-on toy because she was sadly growing out of her Barbie car, but I couldn’t find anything that fit her.  Do they not make ride-on toys for children over eight?  Well, Santa came to the rescue and brought her a purple electric scooter! Hayley was in heaven!!!  She LOVED it!!!!  All Colin wanted for Christmas was a drone, nothing else, just a drone.  But, drones can be pretty expensive.  Lucky, Santa came to the rescue and brought this sweet boy a drone.  Sydney wanted EVERYTHING!!  Her list went on and on and on!  It was pretty cute.  But Santa picked one thing he knew she would love, a Wellie Wisher house.  Sydney was SO giddy that her Wellie Wisher doll Wella had a play house!!  Santa brought Keaton a train set, which Keaton loved until he saw Colin’s drone.  Colin flew the drone and Keaton chased the drone all morning long while the girls rode the electric scooter all morning long.

Christmas Morning Part 1 Dec 2016

Around 11am we finally convinced the kids to come in for breakfast (cocoa rolls) and to open more presents.  I opened up the sweetest present from Hayley that morning.  Sometime in December, she secretly made me a flower fabric appliqué.  She went to the garage and found fabric, grabbed some thread and a needle from her sewing kit, came up with the design all by herself and sewed everything all by herself.  No one helped her at all and she kept it all a secret, which is not easy to do in our house.  And you know what?  It was my favorite Christmas present of all this year because there was so much love behind it.  One of Colin’s favorite presents was IHOP syrup.  Colin LOVES IHOP.  And thanks to Amazon, you can now buy IHOP syrup. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?!

Christmas afternoon to follow!

Christmas Morning Part 2 Dec 2016

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Christmas Eve 2016

I might just love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day.  Christmas Day is all about Santa and opening presents, but Christmas Eve in our family is all about our Savior. By Christmas Eve I’ve finally finished my endless Christmas to-do list and can just spend that day with my family celebrating our Savior.  AND we still have Christmas Day to look forward to!  Sometimes the anticipation of an event is almost as good as the event itself.

We volunteered to host Christmas Eve dinner this year and I wanted to pull out all the stops. I have been gawking at Pinterest tablescapes for years and finally was ready to try to pull it off!  The impetus behind doing so was that I finally got new silverware.  Yep, out with the Mickey Mouse silverware and in with the real classy stuff. Clint’s been wanting new silverware for years, but I couldn’t part with Mickey Mouse.  But, when we got down to five spoons, I knew it was time.  I told Clint to go find his Christmas Eve present under the tree.  When he opened it, he was SO excited to get new silverware and gladly set the table!  I think everything turned out beautiful!

We also put together a Hot Chocolate Bar.  If you haven’t heard, Hot Chocolate Bars are all the rage!  The kids were SO excited, especially Colin!  He insisted that he would set up the hot chocolate bar.  So, I let him have his very own hot chocolate bar.  He even drew his very own sign.  He was so proud of himself!  I love that little stinker!

Soon Bridget and Whitney (kiddos) arrived, then Don and Carla, Jon and Emma, and the Cope Family.  We had SO much amazing made-from-scratch food!  After our “feast” we let the children put on the Christmas Nativity.  There were some that wanted to rush through it and cut out some of the songs, which made me a little upset. This is Christmas.  This is why we are celebrating Christmas.  We can take an extra three minutes and do the whole nativity, which was less than ten minutes in full anyway.  I cut out one of the songs, which I regretted.  But the rest of the day was wonderful!  We have so much for which to be thankful!

After everyone left, we all got in our pajamas and watched, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and tracked Santa on Norad.  I love my family!!  XOXO

Partly iPhone Pics:

Christmas Eve Dec 2016

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