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    It seems crazy. Ten years ago Clint and I had just gotten married, and we were so young and carefree. It was just the two of us and life was pretty easy. The house stayed (reasonably) clean, we went out when we wanted, and traveled to some pretty incredible places. We didn't have a whole lot of responsibility, pretty much just to ourselves.

    Fast forward to 2014 and we now have three miniature versions of ourselves, two girls and a boy in the middle. Hayley is six and is as spunky and prissy as can be. Colin is almost five and is the nuttiest little thing imaginable, but oh so sweet. And Sydney, our littlest, thinks she's six and is already the comedian in the family. Despite our kiddos being so little, they not only now outnumber us, but they have managed to turn our world upside down. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love 'em to pieces!

    The blog is filled with the weekly happenings within the Stuckey family, some funny, some touching, and some a little zany and crazy. Life is definitely better with kids in it! We love ours to pieces. Images + Words = Memories.


Sydney’s Last Day of Preschool Ever!

If I had one wish in the world, it would be to keep Sydney little!  She is the sweetest, goofiest, silliest, cutest, funniest, most vibrant, and most charismatic little girl imaginable!  She has the biggest personality ever!  I always joke with her and say, “Sydney, it’s like having twins with you!”  But, in a good way!  There is so much energy, imagination, and personality in that tiny body of hers.  Sydney lives her life as if she’s on stage.  She’s performing all the time with jokes, impressions, impersonations, and just plain silliness!  Oh and bossiness too!  Sydney is definitely the alpha child.  She loves to be the one in charge and to be the one making the decisions in the family. But, she is bossy in such a cute little way that you can’t get upset with her.  She is just too cute and too sweet!!


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Silly Girls at Target

Sydney was SO happy to be reunited with Hanna, who she still considers her BFF.  Now that we live in separate cities, it’s harder to get these girls together!  But when they do get together, they are as silly as they can be!  After preschool I had to make a run to Target and guess which two little girls refused to sit in the cart?!  Come on, you’re only little once!

Sydney and Hanna May 2017

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Grammy JayOctober 27, 2017 - 2:15 am

I see double trouble!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to me!!  I’m pretty sure all the kids were cute and sweet to me (we were actually camping at the Yogi Bear Park on Mother’s Day), but Sydney stole my heart this year with her hand-painted apron, handmade flower vase, and her “Best Mom” write-up!  Who would have thought that she would have gotten ALL the answers right?!

Mothers Day May 2017

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Grammy JayOctober 27, 2017 - 2:17 am

You ARE the best mom!!!

Camping at the Yogi Bear Park: Day 2 (Pancake Breakfast, Playground, Waterslides)

We survived the camping trip, but barely.  Everyone fell asleep alright, but Keaton woke up in the middle of the night screaming his little head off!  And he wouldn’t stop!  Finally after 10 minutes of Keaton screaming at 2:30am I told Clint that one of us was going to have to take him home.  So Clint grabbed Keaton and took him to the car.  As soon as Keaton got strapped into his car seat, he calmed right down.  He was fine . . . so long as he was in his car seat.  So poor Clint slept in the driver’s seat of my car while Keaton slept in his car seat the rest of the night.

When I woke up the next morning, I stumbled out of the tent around 6:30am.  There was Clint sacked out sideways, mouth wide open, snoozing away.  And there was Keaton wide awake in his car seat quiet as a mouse just looking around waiting to be rescued. That little stinker!!  Thankfully, everyone woke up happy . . . but hungry!  The Mother’s Day breakfast started at 9am, but everyone was up and ready to eat by 7am.  We were so hungry and graham crackers weren’t going to do it! To the playground!!!  Thankfully, the Yogi Bear Park has an awesome playground!  The pancake breakfast was pretty good too!  Free breakfast for moms!!  You can’t beat that!

After breakfast the Yogi Bear Park opened up their waterslides (which was the real reason we came).  Sadly, the waterslides were closed on Saturday because a swarm of bees decided to build their hive at the top of the waterslides and kept stinging anyone that would get close by.  So we decided to play by “vacation rules” that day and let the kids have fun together on the waterslides!  And they did!!  They LOVED it!!  P.S. Sydney pouted at the end and didn’t want sit next to Yogi Bear.

Yogi Bear Park Day 2B May 2017


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