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    It seems crazy. Ten years ago Clint and I had just gotten married, and we were so young and carefree. It was just the two of us and life was pretty easy. The house stayed (reasonably) clean, we went out when we wanted, and traveled to some pretty incredible places. We didn't have a whole lot of responsibility, pretty much just to ourselves.

    Fast forward to 2014 and we now have three miniature versions of ourselves, two girls and a boy in the middle. Hayley is six and is as spunky and prissy as can be. Colin is almost five and is the nuttiest little thing imaginable, but oh so sweet. And Sydney, our littlest, thinks she's six and is already the comedian in the family. Despite our kiddos being so little, they not only now outnumber us, but they have managed to turn our world upside down. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love 'em to pieces!

    The blog is filled with the weekly happenings within the Stuckey family, some funny, some touching, and some a little zany and crazy. Life is definitely better with kids in it! We love ours to pieces. Images + Words = Memories.


Happy – Nine Month – Birthday Sydney!

Wow!  Our little girl is getting big!  It’s already time to start planning her first birthday.  Ideas are definitely in the works.  I cannot believe she is almost a year old.  And no one is more excited than she is.  This little thing wants to be big so bad.  She sees everything that her older sister and brother are doing and wants to be just like them. She follows them around the house on her belly. Little right foot pushes and does all the work.

She’s a very social little thing and loves to hop around from person to person so long as I’m within arms reach. And she loves to talk (or should I say “squawk”?).  When she wants something or is upset, she won’t cry about it.  Instead she’ll squawk.  And if she doesn’t get her way, she’ll squawk louder and louder until whatever need of hers is met. It’s quite funny.

I think she really believes that she’s a big person trapped in a little person’s body.  She’s no longer content just sitting on the floor.  She now wants to go every where I go and do everything I’m doing.  Except for nap time and an hour at the gym, and the occasional scooting around the house, I now have a permanent fixture on my right hip.  She still insists that it’s her “spot.”

But as soon as Daddy comes home, all eyes are on him. She LOVES her daddy.  She always wants to go to him . . . and then to me . . . and then back to him . . . and then . . . for as long as we’ll let her.  She’s starting to say “Da da” and is saying “Ma ma” so much more now.  I melt every time and of course come running. She also LOVES music. Whenever she gets a little fussy in the car, I’ll turn on the Little People soundtrack (the kids’ favorite) and she buttons right up.  She’s still our Little Goodsie!  We love our little Skittle Bittle.

And here’s one with the three of them together.  These shots are few and far between.


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MiMiAugust 26, 2012 - 5:38 pm

Oh, Linsey, I know I say it all the time, you did a great job on these pictures. Sydney is so cute and you really captured her in these photos. I’d really like to have a 5×7 of the one of all three together. It is darling and I want to put it on my wall!


These two were caught red-handed.  They were supposed to be in bed asleep, not snuggled up together in Hayley’s bed with the iPad. But, I couldn’t help myself. I had to take a picture.

Why is it that why our kids are getting along the best it’s when they are doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing?!?!

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MiMiAugust 26, 2012 - 5:39 pm

Partners in crime! It starts young! What a cute picture. Hopefully it won’t be a problem when Hayley is supposed to be going to sleep before an early wake-up call for school though.

Splishin’ and a Splashin’

Okay, so I had a weak moment. The kids keep begging me to play in the street, so I said, “Fine! Go play in the street!  See if I care!”  Nah, I’m only kidding.  Actually, last week’s Fifty-Two of Friday theme was “Street.”  I kept racking my brain on what to do and then decided “heck, I’ll break the rules a bit and let our kids do something they would never otherwise be allowed to do!”

So while the kids were upstairs watching Cyberchase (their new favorite show) I grabbed the water table we had just pieced together and I put it smack dab in the middle of the street.  Then I shouted out to Hayley and Colin upstairs, “Come get your swimsuits, floatees, and googles on!”  Yes, my kids thought I was nuts.  My husband thought I was nuts!!!  Our kids are not even allowed to put their pinkie toe in the street.  I guess some rules are made to be broken . . .

P.S. Clint was watching for cars the entire time and believe it or not, not one car came down the street. 


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MiMiAugust 26, 2012 - 5:41 pm

Nice photo op! Love the ones where they are chasing each other around the water table. Nice that no cars interrupted…

I think a tornado hit . . .

Sometimes I am so baffled by how messy our house gets and so quickly!  It drives me nuts. I’m amazed by moms that are able to keep their house clean.  I am so not one of them.  And that drives me nuts!  So what do I do about it?!  I blog about it!  It’s quite cathartic actually.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself the other day.  The house was moderately clean, dishes were put away, floor was swept, toys were put away, Sydney was asleep, Hayley and Colin were playing ever so nicely.  Oh my sweet!  So I decided to go upstairs and hop on the computer for a little bit.  I could hear giggles and laughter in the background.  Aren’t they just darling?!  They must be having so much fun together.  Isn’t this wonderful?!  Me at the computer enjoying the afternoon, Sydney asleep, Hayley and Colin playing ever so sweetly.

Well . . . the façade of a blissful afternoon was about to end. When I got up from the computer to take a break, I soon realized that my house and had been torn apart by two little tornadoes. In under one hour they managed to tear apart almost every room in the house.  Honestly, I think they went from room to room pulling out everything they could find.  I was not a happy mama!  My one hour of bliss turned into three hours (because now Sydney was up) cleaning.  So not worth it!

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Grammy JayAugust 23, 2012 - 3:28 pm

Linz, all you have to do is train them in that they cannot move on to something new until they have put away their other things. –That worked when I was raising you…didn’t it?

MiMiAugust 26, 2012 - 5:44 pm

I think it was easier when I was a mother of young ones because there was no computer or internet to enjoy. I spent all my time either cooking, cleaning, and playing with the kids.

London 2012 Olympics

Every four years I get crazy giddy.  Not only do we have the Presidential elections in November and all that leads up to it, but we have the Olympics in the summer.  I LOVE watching the summer Olympics and pretty much check out of life for two weeks to watch the gymnastics and swimming.  The last summer Olympics (Beijing 2008) Hayley had just turned one and had no idea what was going on.  Fast forward four years to London 2012 Hayley’s now five and we have Colin AND Sydney!!!  I think Clint and I deserve medals.

The Olympics just wrapped up (they were phenomenal this year.  But to kick things off we decided to throw a mini (oh so mini) Olympic party.  Hayley, Colin, and I made some Olympic rings, which turned out pretty cute.  And, of course, according to Hayley, no party would be complete without . . . yes, you know . . . a cake!   How about a red, white, and blue cake?!  Why the heck not?!  We were feeling pretty patriotic.  Well, our cake turned into one huge crumpled up mess.  This is why I will never profess to be a baker.

Kelly and Jeff Cope (and Hudson and Remy) were coming over in less than an hour, so we had to quickly go to Plan B: banana splits.  Yummy!  Better than cake.  The kids sailed their little pirates around the house, while the rest of us hung out, ate pizza and banana splits, and watched the opening ceremonies.  It was pretty perfect!

And so far . . .

* The hyped up Michael Phelps-Ryan Lochte rivalry delivered in every way.

* Phelps won big in the 200 IM against Lochte.  He’s now won gold in that event in Sydney, Beijing, and now London.

* Phelps finished his career with 22 medals, the most of an Olympian in history.

* Missy Franklin (America’s swimming sweetheart won four gold medals and one bronze medal.

* Gabby Douglas (who was virtually unknown a year ago) wins the Women’s All Around for gymnastics. Go Team USA!

* Aly Raisman (who technically tied for bronze on the Women’s All-Around) had to settle for 4th place due to a controversial tie-breaking rule most fans (and gymnastics) didn’t even know existed.

* McKayla Maroney (the reigning world champ on vault . . . so good that no one can even touch her) fell on her butt during her second vault.  Ah!!!!!  She settles for silver.

* Aly Raisman again fell victim to another tie-breaking situation this time on the balance beam event finals (Bela and Marta Karolyi protested her score – it was intense!!!!). However, this time Aly prevailed and toke home the bronze.

* Women’s synchronized swimming . . . I haven’t yet finished watching it . . . waiting for my dad.  Let the Olympic celebration continue!



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MiMiAugust 26, 2012 - 5:49 pm

What a fun celebration! I really liked the Olympic rings – way to decorate! Banana splits instead of cake – just as fun! And you’re right – you and Clint deserve medals!

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