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Girls’ Trip Days 4 & 5: At Sea & Heading Home

I woke up about 6:30am and just could not go back to sleep.  Everyone else was conked out, so I decided to hop up and head to the gym.  Big mistake.  I left my iPhone on the elliptical machine and it took me all morning to track it down.  I was freaking out.  I was […]

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Girls’ Trip Day 3: Cozumel

By the third day we were so ready to get off the giant floating Golden Corral and explore Cozumel!  After breakfast, we grabbed our swimsuits and headed off the ship and to the taxi stations.  Kristin and Kathryn raved about Paradise Beach, so we knew that’s where we were headed . . . or so we […]

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Girls’ Trip Day 2: At Sea

The next day we were at sea, and I must say, I was doing pretty good.  I was missing Clint and the kids a wee bit, but I was having SO MUCH FUN!!!  I so needed this!  I woke up at 7 am, and since I knew we would be eating A LOT, I decided to hit the […]

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Girls’ Trip Day 1: Sailing Away

I woke up Thursday morning with so much excitement, yet with so much fear.  I had been waiting for this girls trip for literally months, actually years.  These are five of my very best friends and we were about to go on a vacation together without kids!  We were finally about to leave all form of reality for […]

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Thanksgiving in Arizona Day 7: Cafe Rio & Fly Home

Well, finally by our last day in Arizona Clint and Keaton started feeling better.  We even managed to get a smile out of Keaton this trip.  Our first and last stop of the day before heading to the airport was to Cafe Rio!  Oh how I love that place! I ate until I couldn’t eat […]

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