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Preschool Field Trip: Blessington Farms

This year the Treasure Cove graduating class got to do to Dewberry Farms!  They had SO much fun!!  And in true Mrs. Lori fashion, she had all the kids design their own “whales” shirts to wear to the Blessington Farms.  We had SO much fun!! iPhone Pics:

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Colin’s Second Grade Musical: Go Fish!

Colin’s second grade musical was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!!  I was literally beaming from ear to ear watching Colin perform on stage.  He was the cutest little clown fish ever!!  And Colin got SO into it too!  He was dancing with so much energy that I thought he might […]

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Sydney’s Preschool Rodeo

Gotta love Preschool Rodeo Days and ALL the drama that comes with it!! In true Sydney fashion, she was SO excited to wear her brand new cowgirl dress to their preschool rodeo . . . until she discovered that another little girl was wearing the exact same dress! Sydney burst into tears and started sobbing […]

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Eureka Science: Dissecting Owl Pellets

Oh man!!  I picked the wrong day to volunteer for Eureka Science.  The kids were dissecting owl pellets and I had to help them!!  Yuck!!  And to my mistake, an owl pellet is not the owl’s poop, but it is something equally as disgusting.  After the owl eats it’s prey, it will throw up, in […]

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Valentine’s Day 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I love these little things with all my heart!  I still can’t believe there are four of them!  Two boys and two girls, how perfect!  I do SO much for them and often wonder if most of the time it goes unnoticed. Like our annual Valentine’s breakfast.  Maybe I won’t do one this […]

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