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Memorial Day 2017

I tried SO hard to get cute pictures of the kids in their adorable Memorial Day/4th of July outfits.  Ah, didn’t happen!!  It was an epic fail!  I resorted to just getting one of Hayley and Sydney!  You can’t win them all!  And really, let’s put everything in perspective here.  This wasn’t “cute dress” day, […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to me!!  I’m pretty sure all the kids were cute and sweet to me (we were actually camping at the Yogi Bear Park on Mother’s Day), but Sydney stole my heart this year with her hand-painted apron, handmade flower vase, and her “Best Mom” write-up!  Who would have thought that she would […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day . . . a wee bit late!

Happy Valentine’s Day to us . . . just a wee bit late!!  Believe it or not, we had something every Saturday night between middle of February though the middle of April.  With four kids, things just get busy.  But, the Saturday night before Easter we made it happen and went to dinner at Del […]

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