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Scout Camp

Texas summers are HOT, like really HOT!!!  And with the humidity factor, you just want to stay inside or in a pool during June, July, and August.  Lucky for Colin, his Scout troop decided to hold Scout Camp inside the church this summer.  Go Scout Troop 780!!

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Hayley, Colin & Sydney Start Team Gymnastics

When the kids were taking gymnastics rec classes, it seemed like FOREVER before they would ever been on team.  And sitting back and waiting was hard because you never know if they are ever even going to make team.  Gymnastics is very different than other sports because you can’t just sign up and be on the […]

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Seven Meadows End of School Pool Party

Yep, I kinda of love our neighborhood!  Each year they throw a HUGE end of the school year neighborhood party complete with food, music, inflatables, rides, etc.!  But, you wouldn’t know it because my kids saw that the pool was open and would not leave the slides!  We had so much fun!!

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End of School Water Fight

One of these years the kids will learn that on the last day of school their Mom LOVES to hide behind the bushes and pelt them with water balloons when they get off the bus!!  That always act SO shocked and flabbergasted at first, but then it turns into a huge water fight!!  And you […]

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Last Day of School

Oh my gosh!!!  This past school year completely FLEW by!!!  I’ll admit, fourth grade was pretty tough for Hayley.  If she can just stayed organized, the world is hers!! I think the hardest part for her this past year wasn’t the tests, it was remembering to do her homework, not losing it, and remembering to […]

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