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Sydney’s Preschool Rodeo

Gotta love Preschool Rodeo Days and ALL the drama that comes with it!! In true Sydney fashion, she was SO excited to wear her brand new cowgirl dress to their preschool rodeo . . . until she discovered that another little girl was wearing the exact same dress! Sydney burst into tears and started sobbing […]

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“Mom, Take a Picture!”

These two little boys love each other to the ends of the earth!  They have a special bond that I pray always remains strong. They love to play together, chase each other, jump on the trampoline together, and just cuddle up next to each other.  Keaton is such a cuddler. So is Colin.  If you […]

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Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

When February comes around, our two girls only have one thing on their mind, the Daddy Daughter dance!  Both Hayley and Sydney looked SO beautiful that night!  Their date must be one lucky guy!!  And that night was even more special because Whitney brought Dora and Emmy as his two dates.  The six of them […]

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License to Drive

Yay!!!  We finally got the pink Barbie car fixed!!  And the kids immediately took to the street!  Look at them go! iPhone Pics:  

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