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Las Vegas Day 3: Playing in the Snow, Cafe Rio, Las Vegas Town Square

Monday was a day like no other.  I will never forget the surreal moment of leaving Las Vegas and driving through a barren desert filled with little more than cacti and scrub brush.  As we approached the mountain ahead, we rounded the corner, I blinked once, and then all of the sudden we were in Colorado in winter.  Suddenly, the world around us was a winter wonderland filled with snow and pine trees.  Ten seconds earlier we were in the middle of a desert.  It still doesn’t make sense.  My mind is still trying to wrap my head around what had just happened.

The kids didn’t quite grasp the mystery of it all.  They were just SO excited to play in the snow!!  We found a patch of snow and a hill, and that was good enough for us!  The kids had SO much fun sliding down the hill, throwing snow at each other, and getting completely soaked.  We climbed back into the car an hour later looking like tired, wet rats, but we all had fun!  And exiting the winter wonderland was just as trippy as coming in!


Las Vegas March 2017 Day 3 Snow

Could the day get any better than playing in the snow in the middle of March!?  The answer is yes it could and yes it did!  Our next step was Cafe Rio!  I was savoring every bite and was completely baffled why half our crew went next door to Grimaldi’s.  After Cafe Rio we snuck on over to Las Vegas Town Square to let the kids play.  I felt like I was back in California.  Town Square is so gorgeous with all the palm trees, Mission style architecture, and wide open spaces.  The kids had so much fun . . . perhaps a little too much fun!  Between sneaking in cookies and lemonade, Sydney scaling the hedges, and the kids turning the playground into their own personal gymnastics arena, we almost got kicked out.  Time to ride the train!!

All aboard!  How can you not love a train that makes the same three minute loop three times in a row?!  Phew, I’m beat!  Luckily, we passed by the candy store not one, but three times!  The kids knew exactly how to get there.  My Dad was so sweet for buying our kids enough candy to last them until Halloween!  We had Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner and then the four of us headed back to the Springhill Suites.  Yep, you heard that right, just four of us.  Hayley and Sydney got to spend the night at Grandpa Bobby and Grandma Chris’s house.  They had tons of fun and felt so very special.

Las Vegas March 2017 Day 3 Afternoon

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