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Las Vegas Day 2: Church, Hand Imprints, and Mermaids

On Sunday morning we attempted the near impossible . . . going to church with four crazy kiddos who just wanted to play all while getting bombarded with showing phone calls every ten minutes.  It certainly wasn’t our finest moment in Sacrament, but everyone survived.

When we got back to my dad and Chris’s house, it was finally the moment everyone had been waiting for, the meet and greet with Rocky and Jazzy.  The dogs suddenly became little celebrities with an entourage of exactly four nutty kids ready to entertain.  Keaton was curious, Hayley was excited, Colin was chill as a cucumber, but Sydney was completely star struck. “Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy!!  I cannot get enough of Jazzy!!  I LOVE Jazzy!!”

While Sydney terrorized, I mean “played with” Jazzy, Hayley helped Grandma Chris cook a gourmet lunch/dinner.  The roast and potatoes were amazing, and Colin and Sydney were so grateful to have macaroni & cheese to go along with it.  The chocolate cream pie topped everything off!  That afternoon the kids picked oranges with Grandpa Bobby, made hand imprints out of concrete, and took Jazzy and Sassy on a walk with Grandma Chris.

Later that afternoon my dad and I took Hayley, Sydney, and Keaton on an adventure that is only told in legends.  We were on a search for mermaids!  Do mermaids really exist or do they merely live in legend and folklore?  Well, all five of us saw two live mermaids that day!  Of all places, they were swimming inside a fish tank at the Silverton Casino.  Sydney even got a close-up look at one of the mermaids when the mermaid swam right down next to her, waved, and blew her a kiss.

By this time we were all getting hungry, and lucky for us there was a Johnny Rockets on site!  Bring on the french fries, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milkshakes!  It was here that my dad discovered that his daughter and granddaughters had been studying mentalism and were able to manipulate straws with their minds!  Lucky for him, we let him in in our little secret.

Las Vegas Day 2

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