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Monthly Archives: March 2017

My Two Silly, Sweet, and Talented Girls!

How did I get so lucky with these two girls?  They are so talented and creative and just sometimes downright goofy.  Take Sydney, for instance, who LOVES Nutella and would live on it if she could.  One afternoon she decided she wanted to be a Nutella Chef.  I was in the kitchen doing the dishes […]

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Sydney and Keaton’s McDonald’s Picnic

I LOVE having these two at home.  They are so much fun!!  It’s almost like having Hayley and Colin all over again back in the preschool days when we lived on Redding Ridge Lane.  Sydney & Keaton are like Hayley & Colin Part 2.  Only this time around it’s so much easier because Sydney simply adores her […]

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Dad’s 70th Birthday

My dad has this thing – he always sends us these HILARIOUS talking dog e-cards.  The dogs each have a name and talk with the funniest British accents.  He sends them all the time for the kids to celebrate their accomplishments or just to say hello!  For my dad’s 70th birthday, I decided to send HIM […]

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Sydney’s First Haircut

Sydney is five years old and finally had her first haircut!  Why you ask??  First off, I was SO scared about cutting off those adorable curls of hers!  And second, anytime I would ask her (because sadly, those curls are growing out on their own) she would say, “No! No! Noooo!!!!” and run away!  Well, […]

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Colin’s Mad Scientist Birthday: It’s Party Time!

Colin’s Mad Scientist party was So. Much. Fun.  The night before the party (yes, we literally do 90% of everything the night before each party) Clint found this really cool hand scanning app on his iPad.  So when the kids knocked on the door, they first had to have their hand scanned to see if […]

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