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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Last Day of School!!

Wow!  This school year totally flew by!!  These kids are getting way too big, way too fast!!  Sydney was an Angelfish last year and had Mrs. Kellye and Mrs. Gaby.  I loved both of them and they LOVED Sydney!!  They called her “Sydney Sunshine” because she was happy All. The. Time!!  Not just content happy, […]

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Fun at Kemah Boardwalk

The weekend before school got out the kids and I went to Emmy’s birthday party in League City and then to Kemah Boardwalk.  Clint, at first, did not want to go at all.  He was tired, Sydney forgot her shoes, and it was HOT!!  But luckily we convinced him otherwise!  We bought Sydney a little […]

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Hayley’s First Powderpuff Derby

Tuesday night has quickly become Hayley’s favorite night of the week.  We are always doing something fun for Activity Days.  And this time we thought it would be pretty awesome to hold our very own version of the Pinewood Derby just like the Scouts do every year.  But since this was a group of girls, we […]

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Activity Days: Decorating Cupcakes & Mommy Day Spa

After a well deserved one year hiatus from having a calling, the bishop called me to be one of the Activity Day leaders over the 8-11 year old little girls.  Oh my gosh!  I cannot imagine a better or more fun calling!  I basically get to plan activities and play with these sweet girls, one of which […]

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Our Little Chess Master

In May Colin learned how to play Chess for the first time and already LOVES it!!  We bought Colin an easy to learn Chess set called No Stress Chess (basically you pick a card and move whatever piece the card tells you to move).  After just one game Colin threw the cards aside and told […]

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