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Monthly Archives: January 2016

I did a back bend! I did a back bend!!

Ever since I was little and watched the made for TV movie about the life of Nadia Comaneci, I’ve always dreamt of being a gymnast!  I’ve always wanted to flip and fly through the air like gymnastics do.  But, I was tall and not at all flexible.  Despite those two genetic flaws, when I was thirteen […]

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Keaton & His Jeep

Seriously?!  That little thing is SO cute!!  Look at him!  He thinks he is SO neat!!  He can finally stand up and go places with little legs.  He’s like his daddy already!  He LOVES cars!  And don’t forget the treats!  Keaton loves it when I put Cheerios in the little snack holders of his car. […]

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Oh That Crazy Hair!

Wow!  That girl!  And her crazy hair!  Sydney literally woke up one morning and rolled out of bed like this.  The funniest part is that is picture totally epitomizes her personality.  This little girl is wild and crazy, and is always full of energy!  You never know what she is going to say or do […]

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Happy – Eleven Month – Birthday Keaton!

Oh my gosh!  I am so in love with this little thing!  I cannot imagine loving him more than I do.  He’s perfect.  He’s absolutely perfect.  He is just what we all needed.  I think we all needed Keaton in our lives.  He is truly a gift sent straight from heaven. I can’t enough of […]

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Allianz Pool Party

Yep, we are still throwing pool parties!  And I’ve only taken pictures of about half of them.  This time we invited over two financial advisors and their families, Matt and Mindy Mclean (and kiddos) and York and his wife (and kiddos).  Oh my gosh!  I love these two families!  I so wish they lived closer. They […]

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