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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Decorating For Christmas

I finally have learned the secret to a stress-free Christmas . . . decorate the house the week before Thanksgiving.  I know that might sound blasphemous in some circles, but for me, there are SO many fun things to do at Christmas that three weeks is never nearly enough time.  By the time you’ve done […]

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Colin and his Marvelous Mushers

Colin is good at many things, but there is one thing that he completely blows away the competition.  He can rack up Marvelous Mushers faster than anyone!  So what is a Marvelous Musher?!  It’s a brilliant ploy used by BHE to get the kids to cooperate and behave!!  And it works!!  Whenever an administrator catches […]

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Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving we added another little turkey to the mix!  We have four little turkeys now!  Crazy, I know!  I never I thought I would actually have four kids, nor that they would be this cute!!  Sydney Turkey, our silliest turkey, had the cutest little Thankful Feast at her preschool and brought home the cutest […]

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Putting the Pieces Together

Hayley breezed through kindergarten and did pretty well in first grade (although she struggled focusing and staying on task).  Second grade, though, was a huge struggle for her and a wake-up call to us. Our little girl, who we both know to be very bright and smart was getting Cs and Ds, and even some […]

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