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Yearly Archives: 2015

My New Painted Table

I went on a little painting kick this summer!  It started with this table, which was espresso brown.  My formally beloved espresso brown table (which was great 10 years ago when everyone loved espresso brown tables) was now drowning up against our new dark hardwood floors.  The table was begging to be seen, and I didn’t […]

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Fun at the Drive-In

On one perfectly gorgeous night in September, Clint and I joined the Mass family and took our kids to the drive-in movie to see Minions.  We had so much fun!  That night was the perfect slice of Americana.  I felt like we had been transported back to the 50s when life was so simple and […]

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Cousin Time

One thing that will never get old is hanging out with their cousins!  Oh my gosh, they love each other!  Colin has totally bonded with Eli, Hayley with Dora, and Sydney with Emmy.  I’m sure Tessa will soon join in!  I love watching them love each other!

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Their First – New House – Lemonade Stand

These little aspiring entrepreneurs are so cute!!  They came home from school and begged to have a lemonade stand.  Before I could say yes (or no), they already had the lemonade stirred and were carrying the chairs and table out to the curb.  I told them they first needed a sign.  “Oh right!” Colin affirmed.  I […]

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Parent Night at BHE

It was parent night at BHE, which means the parents come and scope out the teacher their kid is going to have for the next year.  Thankfully, the teachers were both great!  First grade will probably be a breeze, but man alive, third grade is going to be tough!  I could hardly keep up with […]

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