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Monthly Archives: September 2014

“Day Camping” at Jellystone Park

I coined a new phrase, “Day Camping.”  It may very well be the best form of camping.  You get the full camping experience during the day, but you get to enjoy your nice comfortable bed at night (and you can pack a whole lot lighter)!  Truth be told, we were actually planning on spending the […]

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Backyard Camping

The kids have been BEGGING to camping for months and months!  It’s SO hot here in Houston that we’ve been putting it off for months and months.  Finally, we pulled out the calendar and had a realization, if we’re going to go, it’s gotta be this next weekend.  We booked Friday and Saturday night at […]

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Hayley loses her first tooth!

Our 7 1/2 year old finally lost her very first tooth!!  Good job Hayley!  We knew you could do it!  She’s been waiting for this day since kindergarten when every one of her classmates lost a tooth, but her.  Surely, Hayley would lose a tooth over the summer or in first grade.  Nope, she waited […]

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Sydney’s First Day of School 2014

Well, Sydney unfortunately had a very different back to school experience than Hayley and Colin.  She cried the whole way there.  Poor girl.  It broke my heart.  It really did.  But, I know it will be so good for her.  And after about 30 minutes Sydney started to have fun!  Go Sydney! P.S. And truth […]

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First Day of School for Hayley and Colin 2014

It’s back to school for these two!  Hayley started second grade and my little baby boy started kindergarten.  They both were so excited, but for reasons totally unrelated to school.  Hayley was so excited to finally be able to wear her new backpack and Colin was so stoked because now after two years of watching […]

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