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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Meet the Teacher 2014

I am SO excited for school to start!  I absolutely LOVE summer and having the kids home with me, but oh my gosh, that last week of summer tried my patience to no end.  I think we all started to drive each other a little nuts.  LOL.  I don’t think I’d make a very good […]

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Our 11th Anniversary!

A few years back I came up with a solution to the age old dilemma of who’s supposed to plan the Valentine’s Day and anniversary festivities, the husband or the wife?  Well, we agreed the Clint would plan Valentine’s Day and I’d plan our anniversary!  There were tons of ideas going through my head, but at […]

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Fun with Grandpa Bobby August 2014

Last week my dad came to visit us.  Yes, I’m quite loving these job interviews he’s been having in Houston recently.  My dad flew in late Monday morning and we got back to our house that afternoon.  We hung out for a while until Clint got home (oh how the kids love it when their […]

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Sydney in Colin’s “Flips”

Sydney is seriously the cutest little thing I have ever laid my eyes on.  I have to pinch myself everyday to believe she’s really mine.  She’s also the funniest little thing and, if anything, believes her small stature gives her more power in life!  Of the three, she’s the one that takes charge and makes […]

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Hayley Conquers the Rockwall

We have two little girls that are absolutely fearless in life, Sydney and Hayley!  For both of them, the higher they can go, better!  They may be scared of snakes and raccoons, both completely unafraid of heights!  Sydney was desperate to climb the rock wall, but unfortunately she was too little.  Hayley, on the other […]

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