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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Mom and Mike Come to Visit (November 2013)

I was so excited that my mom and Mike were coming to visit!  Hayley and Colin were literally counting down the days until their arrival.  Jennifer and Brian (and kiddos) didn’t fly out until late Tuesday night, so Wednesday morning was beyond crazy trying to clean the house before touch down, but we made it! […]

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Thanksgiving Day 2013

I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  For starters, my mom and Mike had flown in to see us . . . or rather the grandkids.  LOL.  But, I’ll take it!  Thanksgiving was also at our house this year and we had tons of fun things planned!  Mike and I started the […]

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Hanrahans Come to Visit: Monday and Tuesday

After spending the day at the Children’s Museum, we met the boys (i.e., Clint and Brian) at 5:30pm for bowling.  The kids has SO MUCH FUN, especially Sydney.  The girl was OUT OF CONTROL!  Note to self: Sydney needs her own lane.  She assumed every ball was hers, even the heaviest of balls.  Not only […]

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Hanrahans Come to Visit: Saturday and Sunday

It finally happened!!!  After five years of Jennifer and me promising we’d get our families together (either we’d fly out to California or they’d fly out here or we’d meet in the middle), we finally made it happen!  For four days this past November Jennifer and Brian and their two adorable girls, Cielle and Seren, […]

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Thankful Feasts/Thanksgiving Parties

I love going to the kids’ Thanksgiving parties!  Colin was first up with his Thankful Feast.  I’m not really sure the preschoolers knew what was going on other than they got to eat chicken nuggets in the gym (aka the Life Center) oh and that Mommy and Daddy was invited. iPhone Pics: Hayley’s Thankful Party […]

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