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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hayley and Darby Puppy

Just when I thought that perhaps Hayley had forgotten all about her favorite childhood pal, Hayley rescued “Darby Puppy,” which had been buried high in the closet under mounds of stuffed animals who used to be played with every day.  Hayley’s growing up.  My little girl who would sit in her room and have tea […]

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Sydney and Hanna: BFFs Already

When I’m around Sydney and Hanna, it’s like deja vu.  Four years ago, which seemed like yesterday, Sydney and Hanna were Hayley and Haylee, next door neighbors and best friends!  Now it’s Sydney and Hanna’s turn to grow up as next door neighbors and best friends.  Sydney is always asking me, “Where Hanna?  Where ‘Janie’ […]

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Colin’s First Soccer Game

Two weeks ago Colin had his very first soccer game . . . which happened to coincide with his nap time.  Yes, our  4 1/2 year old still naps.  He also stays up way to late too spending undivided time with Mommy and Daddy.  Such was the case the night before his soccer game.  We […]

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No Cavities = Rainforest Cafe

Two weeks ago we celebrated no cavities and good times at the dentist (okay, mostly good times) by going to Rainforest Cafe!  The kids and I arrived at 5pm and the place was EMPTY!  It was awesome!  We had the place to ourselves and the kids ran around jumping from animal to animal.  Hey, this […]

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First Day of Preschool for Colin and Sydney

Wow!  This was Colin and Sydney’s first day of preschool.  It was also Colin’s last year of preschool and Sydney’s first year of preschool.  Colin went into his classroom like a little champ, happy as can be.  We put his nap mat in his cubby and then I gave him a big hug and took […]

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