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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Trip to California Day 5: Beverly Hills & La Canada

Today started out as Clint’s ideal vacation (sleeping in until 9:30am, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, and relaxing for the rest of the morning).  But, as soon as we left the hotel it all went down hill (think sitting in traffic and trying to navigate a myriad of LA freeways with two crying kids in the […]

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Trip to California Day 4: Legoland, Harbor House Cafe

Today was Legoland!  The kids have literally been counting down the days to Legoland.  While Disneyland would have been crazy fun, tickets to Disneyland are now over $100 a piece, so after parking and food it’d be $500 for one day.  Plus, its hot, crowded, and we were just there last November.  Legoland right now is […]

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Trip to California Day 2: Aliso Creek Beach and Play Time

Oh to wake up in California minutes from the beach!!  It was so nice!!  I just love it here – the tall palm trees, the rolling hills, the lush landscaping, the fresh ocean air, the fun and quirky beach towns, the laid back atmosphere, the surfer vide, I love it  all.  And today we could […]

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Trip to California Day 1: Cafe Rio, Chick-Fil-A, Checking-In

Today we said goodbye to Arizona and hello to California!  It was me, three kids, and a big gigantic airplane.  I was pretty proud of them.  My normally rambunctious children were perfect little angels on the flight and actually even didn’t open their backpacks or pull out iPhones once. Colin looked out the window and […]

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