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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sydney’s Little House at Mimi’s

When Hayley was a year and a half, I thought she was THE CUTEST thing in the world (and she was).  I also thought that there couldn’t possibly be anything cuter.  Well, Sydney is giving her big sister a run for her money.  Sydney is a funny little thing.  She loves to engage with you […]

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Playing in the Bluebonnets

Every spring since we’ve moved to Houston, we’ve got to Mimi and Papa’s house gotten pictures of the kids in their front yard bluebonnets.  Each year I plan a day to take the kids, pick out the perfect outfits, and away we go, and usually stress about whether or not their hair is perfect.  This […]

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Rocky the Hamster Part 2

Somehow we were able to convince Rocky to join us for another weekend.  Actually, the poor little guy didn’t have a choice. His weekends were dictated Sign-up Genius and guess who was up next on the list?!  Yep, Rocky’s favorite family.  I made the kids promise this time not toss him, turn him, or roll […]

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Clint’s 34th Birthday

I love that every year Clint gets a year old and I stay at 26. I know pretty soon it’ll get a little creepy, but right now a six year age difference isn’t that bad.  We invited Bridget and Whitney and Carla (Don was in Thailand and Emma, of course, was in Utah . . […]

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Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny totally nailed it this year: cute lawn chairs for the kiddos, Spa Science for Hayley, a candy making kit for Colin, a Little People Easter set for Sydney, and baskets filled with all sorts of fun surprises and a wee bit of candy!  Hayley spied all the goodies first and then raced […]

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