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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hayley + Jon

Okay, it’s official, Hayley has a boyfriend.  Yes, she is only in kindergarten, but she is totally smitten with this boy in her class named Jon and he is equally smitten with her.  On Wednesday Jamie and I had lunch with our girls and they each got to pick a friend to bring with them […]

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Our Little Munchkin

I love our little Munchkin.  She is seriously the cutest and sweetest thing around!  But she can be a little pill too . . . You see I had the cutest little one year photo shoot set-up (yes, I’m a little behind) complete with a polka dot backdrop and two dozen miniature balloons.  What girl […]

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Happy 4th Birthday Colin!!!!

Almost every day since Christmas Colin has been asking, “When do I get to have my Jake party?  How many more days until my Jake party?”  Finally Saturday was here!  We had perfect weather and about 20 little pirates running about.  The party was CRAZY, but the kids (especially Colin) loved every minute of it! […]

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Happy 26th Birthday to Me!!!!

This year I turned 26 yet again!  I love turning 26. 26 has got to be the best age.  You are still young, vibrant, hip, cool, with it, but close enough to 30 to be taken seriously, yet squarely still in your 20s.  So, yes, I say 26 is the age for me. So for […]

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