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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Christmas Day 2012

I say this every year, but this Christmas was indeed the best one ever.  Really, it was.  As I kid, I counted down to Christmas each year with a chocolate advent calendar.  The $3 ones were the best kind.  The more doors I opened and chocolates I ate, the more magical the days became.  Now […]

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Christmas Eve at Whidget’s House

We have a pretty cool tradition in Clint’s family.  Spend we Christmas Eve together and then Christmas Day at our own houses (with Mimi and Papa and Auntie Emma coming over mid-morning to open presents).  Since Bridget and Whitney have a brand new dining set, we spent Christmas Eve with them this year.  Emma was […]

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Pre-Christmas with Dad

Celebrating Christmas just once is so 2002.  This year  . . . and almost every year since Clint and I have been married . . . we celebrated Christmas twice (sometimes more depending on who’s in town and where we are going).  In fact, it’s now the end of January and our kids are still […]

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Santa’s Helpers

I’m sure our kids already know this, but they truly have the best grandparents in the world.  Every Wednesday morning Carla (aka “Mimi”) will pick up Colin and Dora and take them somewhere fun.  Colin LOVES Mimi time!!!  Every Wednesday morning he’s forever asking me, “When’s Mimi going to get here?  When’s Mimi going to […]

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Christmas Parties for the Littles

I always regret it when I don’t bring my nice camera with me because my iPhone pictures always turn out looking terrible. So sorry . . .  But, anyway Hayley’s dance class had their Christmas party and the same week Colin’s preschool class had theirs. Being that I’m the homeroom room, I was in charge […]

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