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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Open House at BHE

Last week was Open House at Bonnie Holland Elementary.  Hayley was beyond excited to show us all around her school and classroom.  She pranced around that night guiding us around the cafeteria where we eat spaghetti and then down the hall to her art room, over to the library, and then to her classroom. Then […]

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Katy Rice Harvest Festival

Clint had a super long week at work, so I scooped up the kids on Saturday afternoon and we hit the Katy Rice Harvest Festival.  Yes, it was a little grungy and the rides were a pretty dilapidated, but Hayley and Colin (and Sydney too) had a ball!!!  They went on the “caraself” (Colin’s word […]

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Happy – Eleven Month – Birthday Sydney!

Oh my gosh that little stinker is eleven months old already!!  It seems like just a few short months ago we were taking bets as to whether Sydney was going to come before or after Halloween. I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to look like and had no idea she was going […]

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The Kids’ New Living Quarters

Our kids must have been really good or really naughty this past week because when they came home from school last Tuesday, they discovered that we moved their living quarters to the backyard.  Yep, now they have their own cottage in the backyard!  And they should not be complaining.  Their new cottage has a sink, […]

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Hayley and her Color Chart

We have a new disciplinarian in the house.  It’s Hayley and her color chart.  Apparently at school, the kids’ behavior revolves around a color chart. Achieving “green” means you’ve had a good day and were there ready to learn.  Green is great, but achieving silver is even better and rare indeed.  But the coveted color […]

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