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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Our First Preschool Graduate

We have the first little graduate of the family.  Last Friday night Hayley graduated from preschool!  At the beginning of the year her teacher Ms. Lori told us that we would be absolutely amazed by what our little kids would be able to accomplish by the end of the year.  And she was SO right! […]

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Princess Mulan

And it’s no secret that our daughter is crazy into princesses right now.  And recently she pointed out to me that she has all the princess dress-up costumes . . . except for Mulan.  I know, poor girl right?!   For her five year old birthday (of course, she had a princess party) she wanted […]

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Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

I remember five years ago on Mother’s Day sitting in church as they were passing out flowers to all the mothers.  I had Hayley in my arms, she was just a month old, and I remember thinking in disbelief, “Oh my gosh, this is so weird. I am actually a Mother . . . ” […]

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Mayfest 2012

Yeah for Mayfest!  Beginning in January each year the questions start coming, “When’s Mayfest Mommy? “When do we get to go to Mayfest?”  “How many more days ’til Mayfest?”  Hayley LOVES Mayfest!  Yep, the girl will do anything for a trophy (or a shiny gold medal this year).  Colin’s just happy to be there!  Each […]

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First Swim of the Season

It’s just May, but summer is oh so definitely here.  It’s already getting so hot outside.  Lucky for us, our neighbors, who happen to be some of our best friends, just put in a pool!  Here’s to the first swim of the season!

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