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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Out of Africa: Days 1 and 2

The first week of April my dad and Chris came to visit us!  I have been counting down the days for weeks, months even, and have been planning “to do” lists that go on and on.  And while there was still lots left on that list, here’s some of the fun we did have: On […]

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Covered in Mud!!

A couple of weeks ago, Clint and I packed up the kiddos and spent the morning at Sam Houston Park get covered head to toe in MUD!!!  For good reason, mind you!   We were two of thousands of people who participated in the Mighty Mud Dash 2012.  We went through 14 obstacles including a […]

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Kindergarten here she comes . . . well almost!

At the end of March we went to kindergarten orientation at Hayley’s school for next fall.  And WOW, Hayley is SO excited to start kindergarten.  And I’m excited too.  I LOVE her school and from all accounts, it’s one of the best schools around.  And I can see why.  The teachers are amazing!  They are […]

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Happy 33rd Birthday Clint!

It’s funny how every year Clint gets a year older and I stay a perfect 28!  Oh, if only that were the case!  This year we surprised Clint by celebrating his birthday a day early.  My dad and Chris were coming into town on his birthday and I certainly didn’t want his “special day” to […]

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Our Treehouse Adventure

Just when I thought our tree climbing days were over, I happened across a place in Canyon Lake where you can actually stay in tree house cabins.  Hot dog!  And, yes, it was every bit as cool as it sounds.  So, over Spring Break we took the kiddos to Canyon Lake to stay in tree […]

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