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Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Day in the Life

I realized recently that over the past several years or so I’ve been blogging anything and everything outside the norm (holidays, vacations, outings, parties, etc.).  What about those average days?!  What’s a typical day for us?  Along those lines, I thought it would be fun to capture a “Day in the Life” of the Stuckey […]

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Happy – Four Month – Birthday Sydney

When I look at Sydney now I can’t help but think, “Wow, you are getting big”  She’s not just a newborn anymore, she’s on her way to becoming a little girl.  Thank goodness she still has quite a ways to go.  She’s so sweet, although she’s getting to be quite a bit more assertive now […]

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Don’t Feed the Animals

We recently took a trip to the Houston Zoo with Bridget and kiddos and Carla (aka Mimi). And let me tell you, hitting the zoo in the afternoon is the only way to go!  We had the place All. To. Ourselves.  Just us and the animals . . . I mean just us and the […]

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Our Little Nut

Our little boy is seriously the goofiest, silliest, funniest, and nuttiest thing around.  He has these green “dinosaur play guitar” jammies that he wears INCESSANTLY.  The kid owns about 20 pairs of pajamas, but guess which ones he wants to wear each and every night?!  I seriously have to wash them every day so they’ll […]

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May I take your order?

Sometimes I think my kids live in the “pretend” world almost as much as they live in the “real” world.  Whether it’s rocketing into outer space, riding a choo-choo train, opening up restaurants, building castles, or chasing monsters around the house, they LOVE pretending.  And they especially love pretending in their play kitchen. They’ll whip […]

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